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NEOPRIMITIVE POEM: Lion with Eyes of Water

Posted by Kimberly on December 14, 2014 at 5:15 PM

Lion with eyes of water

Eyes that spoke of the sea and a sadness as vast

A sadness that hung on you like a cloak.

Other times filled with mischief—an otter at play

Floating on your back with the fruits of the sea on your belly

Cleverly cracking shells open with a rock and frolicking with me.

And sometimes a bear

Burly, brusque, not to be trifled with

Serious as the night is dark and as the day is long.

With the wisdom of an owl, that mighty hunter

Silent, stealthy, able to see and hear in all directions

Things that escape others, but not you (only and always you).

I would not escape you but did break your heart

In spite of all my efforts to restore it

My head filled with foolishness and folly.

Now I see more clearly, as do you, through eyes I can picture still

I know the black panther of your soul—brave and strong, noble and true

And I remember everything, all these things, all of you.


                   ∞     ∞     ∞

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